Top Loaded Vertical Antenna (3.52 MHz) using 2 elevated radials

Diameter is 1 meter
Wire is stainless
Wire diameter is 1 mm

Diameter is 51 mm
34 turns
Wire is silver
Diameter 1 mm
(PTFE 1.5 mm)

Radial Tuning Coil:
Diameter is 60 mm
Wire diameter is 1.5 mm
Radials are 1 meter
above GND

Top Load is a Sphere

Loading Coil Tuning Coil for the Radials

The TLV antenna is mounted on a

Fiberglas - Teleskop - Mast

Height of mast is 8 meters

Basement is a wood cross

To fix the coil I am using a rubber

cord wound around the mast

Mounting time is aproxemitly 30 minutes

and result is a ufb DX antenna

Currebt Distribution 3.5 MHz Matching Network 25 to 50 Ohms (Coax RG-58)

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