Fishing Boat with Lateen Sail
Boat, Mast and Stabiliser
Fixing the Stabiliser
On the way to go to sail
Natural Beach
"My" Sailing Boat
Special thanks to Ted, 5Z4NU, who kindly managed to convey my licence application to the CCK in Nairobi. Thanks also to my local friend Michael and the guest house staff who assisted me in mounting the glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) antenna mast in an optimal position. Thanks also to Michael's wife Bahati for all the delicious food.

My QTH proved to be the optimal location. Little QRM, no traffic noise, and mornings with bird's twittering.

Many nice radio links yielded a good result facing moderate propagation conditions.

The journey to Kenya, combined with amateur radio, sailing with a fishingboat, and the recreative hours at the beach were very pleasant.

Locals are cheerful and helpful.

If time wasn't so limited I surely would have enjoyed visiting the well-known National Parks.

  QSL via Buro to DJ9RB