INDIA 2016 Jan. VU2RBQ Norbert, QTH Kochi (Kerala)
Cherai Beach, Vypin Island, Kerala, India

Baywatch Cherai Beach, Family Stay, Beer Parlour
Cherai Beach Vypin Island

Nob and Anu mounting the Spider Mast (12 meters)
Antenna Mast (using a trap DP) is fixed with rubber cord to a palm

Amateur Radio Transceiver TS-480. Left: Homemade Keyer
Logging Software is WinTest and Telnet Cluster (right of screen)
Vertical Antenna TLV20 using 2 Radials (homemade) Trap Dipole Antenna 40, 30, 17 and 12 m band (homemade)
Indian Ocean FISHING Norbert and Ramesh

Ramesh always busy Anish hunting birds
Osprey (Fischadler) is landing Photo by LUMIX LX7
Technic on board
On the mooring (Trawler Name is IRR) Owner is Ramesh Kumar

On the way back home to the car