To get measured values of the Antenna I am using

Homemade Instruments

Antenna Analyser

RF bridge (Wheatstone bridge)
difference DC amplifier
frequency generator, frequency counter.
DC power for the bridge is 12 Volt (amplifier 9 Volt).

Current Sensor

Frequency range from 1,8 to 30 MHz
DISPLAY is the SWR instrument (100ľA)
Core material N30, Typ 34/12,5 Siemens, 15 turns
Range 2 Amp, 1 Amp, 0,1 Amp.
Calibrated scale: 100ľA=2A, 50ľA=1A, 25ľA=0,5A.

Antenna Current Measurement

Current of a vertical wire antenna
Range 2 Amp (100 watts)

Thermo Couple

Range 1 - 4 Ampere
is a old one from 1943 but doing a good job.

Dip Meter

1,6 - 60 MHz, Tube 6J6
the BNC connector ist the output for the counter
Coils: 1,5-3,2 MHz.
3,3-7,1 MHz. 5,9-12,5 MHz. 11,2-23 MHz. 28-55 MHz

SWR Meter

Range ist 1,8 to 30 MHz
min power 0,1 watt - max 150 watts
the instrument (100ľA)
is used with the current sensor too.