Amateur Radio Station VU2RBQ Jan. 2013 - 2017

Cherai Beach in Kochi (Kerala) Location Baywatch Beach Homes

Cherai Beach Sunday - it was late afternoon

I, Norbert VU2RBQ / DJ9RB, have been staying in Baywatch, Cherayi Beach for the last four weeks (JAN. 2013 - 2017)
 I found the staff of the hotel very friendly and courteous. They were very supportive in getting me comfortably settle down.
They also tried their best to serve me food to my liking. The Manager of the Hotel organized a trip into the sea in a trawler
 and we went 20 km into the sea. What excited me was the food we cooked in the trawler, which I think was very special and tasty.
 I am enjoying the stay at Baywatch and would like to return may be next year.
Wishing Baywatch further growth, Norbert.

Harbour - Trawler Pics 2013 - 15            VU2RBQ-Equipment-Radio